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About Buddha Art

How it all Started

When I left my career in computing in 1995, I had no idea that I was about to become a regular traveler let alone a photographer. After my first few hesitant steps in the amazingly different culture of South East Asia, begun on the back of a short association with Therevada Buddhism in Brighton, England, I soon found my feet and learned to explore this new world, both without and within....

The internal journey, whilst inseparable from the outer has been far more subtle and diaphanous in its experiences and communicability. The outer adventures have gradually become more absorbing and have developed into a wealth of tangible images and memories.

Some of the most indelible of these came during times spent exploring temple ruins such as Sukothai and Ayutthaya (in Thailand), Pagan (in Burma) and Borobudur (in Java), as well as sharing serene and often profound moments with the people, and particularly the monastic communities.

By lingering longer and simply absorbing such surroundings, I began to feel less of an observer and more a part of the very culture and images themselves.

In later years, I began to develop more creative-graphic ability on the computer and have been able to enhance and stylise the original images to present something a bit more imaginative than simply 'another Buddha statue-photo'. I also began to translate the images in pencil onto raw, loose canvass , and upon digitally scanning and re-producing on similar material, opened up a whole new avenue of art and presentation of these special images, and in very much larger versions than I could have previously imagined possible.

So I hope you'll enjoy these images for whatever they evoke or inspire in you. Please also get in touch any time with specific thoughts, questions and to purchase images or image file downloads.

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